Thursday, February 09, 2006

Blog stats

My blog activity has been increasing steadily over the past couple of months. The month of November (which was the month I started my blog) recorded 797 unique visitors. But since I only started my blog in the middle of the month, it can't be taken into consideration for comparisons. The number of unique visitors swelled to 1,272 in December. January saw almost double that amount, with 2,176 unique visitors.

My StatCounter shows over 2,900 hits so far, which means more than 900 hits since January 24th.

Thanks to everyone out there who reads me on a regular basis. Keep coming back, I'll try to update my blog as ofen as I can. And if you really like my blog, tell all your friends about it :)


sky said...

Quit bragging!

chazoo said...

I love your blog - it is a good way for me to keep in touch with you indirectly. I check for new postings every day. Keep at it, you are a very good and interesting writer. Randy and I think so.

nzm said...

Well done on the stats!

I always check out your blog!

Dubai Sunshine said...

Sky, I ain't braggin'....simply stating the stats as they are :) Hehe...actually I am going to make "Blog Stats" a monthly post, to track the progress of my blog.

Chazoo...thanks for being a regular reader (you and Randy)...this whole blog thing started out as a way for my friends to know what I've been up to...and by doing so, it has also become a place for me to vent my frustrations, share my joys, and write about issues that matter to me.

NZM, thanks for being a regular reader...I always read your blog too, and I especially enjoy your amazing pictures...Really, some of the best pictures I have ever seen!

Yael K said...

Your blog is really enjoyable. You write well and make interesting observations :)

Dubai Sunshine said...

Thanks Yael :)