Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hello again

Still here. My blog's been on my mind a lot lately, and I cringe every time I think about how I've neglected it! Poor little blog that I've invested so much time in!

But the reason I haven't shut it down is because I always knew that I'd have a need for a space where I can vent my frustrations, share my thoughts, and get people's opinions. So, this blog's staying, no matter how infrequently I'm going to be updating it.

What's been happening lately? Well, the tail end of 2009 saw quite a bit of traveling, which I tremendously enjoyed...And I got to visit 3 new countries, which is always a plus in my books.

Work-wise, things are pretty stable. 2009 was a pretty stable, almost boring year for me. Not much of a challenge professionally but then again, I didn't really push myself too hard. Need to shake things up a bit this year.

The new year has been much busier, with some interesting challenges coming up. I've also been dealing with some non-serious but definitely painful health the beginning of 2010 has not been a great one so far. We'll see what the rest of it has to offer.

I've been semi-active on Twitter (much more than on this blog!), but I think I'm the kind of person who needs much more than 140 characters to really get my thoughts across... But still, the Twitter phenomenon is fun, and I think I'll be sticking around for a while at least.

Those who do follow me on Twitter will know my frustration at the fact that the Greens bridge is still not opened. What on EARTH are they waiting for really? Traffic has reached nightmarish proportions, even on weekends and during non-rush hours! Ridiculous really.

That was a quick roundup of the past few months. Will be back soon though. Promise.