Saturday, February 25, 2006

Sun is shining

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Well, after 2 days of rain, clouds and colder temperatures, the sun (i.e. normal UAE weather) is back. It was a nice change of weather, but I am happy the sun is back. After all, the sun is one of the reasons I moved back to the UAE.

Not much in the mood for going out though, I just want to stay at home, watch TV, read a book, and relax. Some of my weekends are just so packed with activities (not necessarily interesting ones....usually it's just shopping/getting my nails done/doctor's appointments/getting car washed/buying groceries/going to the beach), once in a while, I just need a me-day. A day of doing nothing whatsoever.

Although I know that a couple of hours from now, I'll probably start feeling restless, and will end up doing something. My to do list for today (although it doesn't mean that any of this will get done):

- Wash car. After the stormy weather we've had in the past couple of days, and after driving into some mud while trying to find parking at a friend's place, my car desperately needs a wash. I did end up washing my car yesterday (and even filled up on gas!). But then it got dirty again when I picked up a friend who lives in a muddy area. I think it looks even dirtier now than it did before I washed it! Arghhhh......

- Get apartment cleaned. I usually try to vacuum my apartment once a week, and generally try to keep it mess-free. But now it's time for some serious cleaning. This is one thing I am actually getting done today. I am getting a cleaning service to clean my place. No I am not spoiled. But I work hard all week, and I like to enjoy my weekends. So I see this as one way I can treat myself. Apartment got cleaned! Feels nice.

- Go grocery shopping. I need some basics, such a fruits, vegetables, milk....I'll probably end up going to Choitram this afternoon. And if I am not too lazy, I just might decide to walk there instead of taking my car :) I did buy some groceries. But I did not walk there, because I passed by Choitram's after going to wash my car.

- Go clothes shopping. I need some clothes. And shoes (I love shoes!). I am so bored of my current wardrobe. But the idea of going to a mall now, and having to walk and walk and walk and try on clothes and shoes is quite simply daunting! Nope. I just did NOT want to go to a mall yesterday.

- Go camera shopping. I have decided I want to buy a digital camera. I hate not being able to snap up my own pictures. I don't want anything too sophisticated, I am not a good phtographer by any means. I just want something small and simple that allows me to take some good quality pictures. Any suggestions? Same as above...did not go to the mall, so no camera yet.

- Rent a movie. I like to take advantage of my "me-days" to catch up on some movies I haven't seen in a while. But renting a movie all depends on whether I decide to go to Choitram's for some grocery shopping, because the movie place is also at the same place. I did rent a movie but did not watch it...I'll watch it tonight instead.

- Watch episode 13 of Lost. I have had episode 13 for a couple of weeks now. I haven't had the chance to watch it. So maybe today I will. It seems episode 13 was not really episode 13. It turned out to be episode 1 (much to the dismay of Sky, my sister, for whom I had saved this episode on CD). Now I have the real episode 13 (and episode 14) to watch sometime this week.

- Clean out my work computer's e-mail inbox. I have several hundred e-mails clogging up my e-mail inbox and I get a "your mailbox is over its size limit" message almost every single day. It's about time I cleaned it out and archived my e-mails. I never get the chance to get this done at work, so I should really try to get this done today. Nope....too boring. I'll do it eventually. I managed to get rid of around 100 e-mails today at work.

- Continue reading my book. I am reading a really good book and I haven't read a single page in the past 2 days, so I really want to get some reading done today. Yes, I read. I even took my book with me when I went to wash my car, so I read in the car while I was waiting for my turn. See, it's all about multitasking :)

In addition, I went for some drinks with friends at Bar 44 (Grosvenor House). They have an amazing view from up there.

OK that's all.....Phew...I'm exhausted already.
Phew! I really was exhausted!


Keefieboy said...

Sounds thrilling!

moryarti said...

lets see how many of those you will tick off your list by the end of the day :)

sky said...

your comment cracked me up keefieboy.

Moryarti, i'm betting on one or two...tops!!

Dubai Sunshine said...

Hehe...yes I'll keep you posted....although I know for a fact that a few of those will simply not happen today :)

moryarti said...

I would say you will end up watching episode 13 of Lost and continue reading your book after that... and maaaaybe.. make a cheese sandwitch somewhere along the way :P

Dubai Sunshine said...

Sky...It will be more than 1 or 2...I can tell you that from now :) You'll see :p

Dubai Sunshine said...

I already had a cheese sandwich for brunch this morning Moryarti. Can't have another one. Although I am tempted, cause I can't be bothered to prepare anything else. I love being lazy!

moryarti said...

I know what you mean... I miss having Saturdays off.

Next month, i am starting a new job that will take me back to the fri-sat weekend...

/me doing the victory dance

sky said...

I am going to kill u...episode 13 is not episode 13, but episode 1!!
I did watch it though; pretty cool to go back to the beginning now that we know so much!

Dubai Sunshine said...

Oh noooooooo...I hadn't noticed. Anyway I am downloading another episode 13, we'll see if it's the right one. I also have episode 14 now (and it's the right one...I checked)

nzm said...


All you doubters and knockers should come back and apologise!

Dubai Sunshine said...

Damn right NZM! :) Thanks for being so supportive :)