Sunday, February 05, 2006

Blogger issues

Hmm....It seems all Blogger users have been experiencing some publishing issues. These issues are outlined on the UAE Community Blog.

I have experienced a few of these issues myself, namely:
  • Some comments not appearing on my blog (although I know that some readers have commented because I get them by e-mail)
  • My comments not appearing on other bloggers' posts
  • An error message when trying to access some blogs
  • And the most annoying: my posts disappearing once I publish them. I have had to re-publish my "Ticked off" post 3 times now! It doesn't even appear in my "Edit Posts" tab! It just disappears...poof! Now I'm really ticked off :)

So, until these issues are resolved, I won't be posting any more long-winded rants that take me more than half an hour to write....


nzm said...

Blogger has a plug-in that you can download and it installs in Microsoft Word.

If you use Microsoft Word, this is very handy - you can then write your posts in Word, and then click on the Blogger toolbar buttons that appear when the plug-in is installed. These allow you to then download the post to your Blogger account as a published article or as a draft.

Then you can save the Word document as your back-up on your computer.

More on it here


Dubai Sunshine said...

Thanks NZM! I am sure this will come in handy :)