Monday, February 06, 2006


How is it that yesterday, the trip from the Media City exit (the one after the Gardens, when heading towards Dubai) to my office in Media City took me FOURTY FIVE (yes! 45) minutes? It must be, what, around 2 km? Maybe 3 km maximum! At an average speed of 4 km/hour...not bad!

And how is it that today, the trip from the Greens to Media City (through the Lakes) took me exactly 7 minutes?

How can traffic be so horrendous one day, and non-existent the next? And to my knowledge, there were no accidents yesterday...So can someone please explain?

Has anyone tried the new Interchange 4 1/2? If so, how's the traffic there? Do you recommend it? Let me know.


nzm said...

T'was because yesterday was the final day of the Dubai Classic Golf tournament at Emirates' Golf Club which is in close proximity to Interchange #5.

Everyone wanted to see Tiger!

Dubai Sunshine said...

Ah.....Now I understand! I forgot about the Dubai Classic Golf tournament! :)