Friday, February 03, 2006

Pool closures

Emaar has gone and done it! Two days ago they informed residents in the Springs and the Meadows that they are closing all pools to make them safer. Now it's the Greens' turn to suffer the consequences of irresponsible parenting.

The decision to close all pools comes 3 months after the sad death of 5 year old Fairouz Hillali after she drowned in a pool in the Springs, while her father was just a few meters away.

This decision has obviously angered residents (myself included), as the pools will be closed for around 2 months or so until they are better equipped with lifeguards.

A couple of questions come to mind:
1) Why did Emaar wait 3 months after the death of a little girl to close the pools? Talk about being reactive!
2) Why do Emaar residents have to suffer the consequences of an incident that could have been prevented had proper parental supervision been enforced?

People who live in the Greens, the Meadows and the Springs pay a lot of money to rent their places. One of the few facilities offered by Emaar are the pools and the gyms scattered amongst the residential areas. The months of February/March/April are peak pool-going months, because the weather is so mild, and now residents are being robbed of that passtime.

I believe it is up to parents to keep an eye on their children, to ensure their safety. The poor little girl has died and it is extremely sad, but her father should have been the one bearing the responsibility, making sure his child was safe. Children should not be left alone in or around pools, whether they are good swimmers or not.

And if Emaar wants to bring in lifeguards for all its pools, fine. No one will ever say no to increased safety measures. But they do not need to close the pools until they hire all these lifeguards. Emaar has had 3 months to hire lifeguards since Fairouz's death, and should have already done so by now.

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