Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Memorising for freedom

According to this article, inmates who memorise the whole or part of the holy Quran get reduced sentences, and some even get to walk free from jail. Out of around 2000 inmates in the various Dubai prisons, 22 were released today.

Now, I understand that by immersing themselves in religious teachings and values, these inmates can better understand their mistakes and maybe eventually repent, but I really do believe that there are some people that are simply bad to the core. I am not sure if I like the idea of a murderer or a rapist or a child molester roaming around our cities and streets, despite the fact that they have memorised the holy Quran. How do we know that once these inmates are back in the 'real world', they won't get the urge to commit a crime again?

Here's how the exemption system works:

  • Memorisation of the whole Quran: 20 years exemption
  • 20 sections: 15 years exemption
  • 15 sections: 10 years exemption
  • 10 sections: 5 years exemption
  • 5 sections: One year exemption
  • 3 sections: Six months exemption

1 comment:

secretdubai said...

Yeah, it's a pathetically stupid idea.

What happens if you have a five year sentence but memorise the whole Qu'ran? Do you get fifteen years on credit for future crimes?