Monday, February 06, 2006


I have avoided writing about the boycott issue long enough...but now I feel that I can't ignore the issue anymore, considering the recent wave of violence that has hit many countries. At the risk of repeating what many people have been saying, here are my thoughts, randomly:

  • Why is it that this issue is now a hot topic, when the drawings were first published over 4 months ago, in September?
  • Muslims have every right to be offended at the cartoons, but being violent about it is really not the smartest thing to do. The recent wave of violence has only given Westerners who are ignorant about Islam more reason to wrongly believe that Islam is the religion that has brought terrorism to their countries. Why not protest peacefully instead? Or use these drawings as an opportunity to educate, rather than threaten. Educate the West about Islam, rather than justify these drawings.
  • I think it's absolutely ridiculous that these drawings have now caused friction between Muslims and Christians (in Lebanon for example). Some people are just taking advantage of the situation, and using these cartoons as an excuse to settle old disputes.
  • The only ones who should bear the responsibility for these cartoons are the people who drew them, and the newspaper that published them. So, why attack innocent people in embassies? Why boycott companies that had nothing to do with this? That's like punishing all 3 of your children when only one of them was misbehaving.
  • How will this chaotic situation end? When will the boycotting and the protesting and the violence die down? Is all it takes an apology from the Danish government?

I really think things have gone too far...We should really try to keep things in perspective.

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nzm said...

It's about to go further and escalate.

Announced in today's 7 Days on Page 4 - an Iranian newspaper is launching a Holocaust Cartoon Competition in retaliation.