Saturday, February 11, 2006


A couple of months ago, I got hooked on Lost. A friend had downloaded all the episodes of season 1, and once I started watching it, I couldn't stop.

Lost is about a group of people who survive a plane crash and get stuck on an island in the middle of the Pacific (the plane was on its way from Australia). No one can find them because they lost radio contact before the plane crashed.

After recovering from the initial shock of the crash, the group is confronted with the reality of having to survive on an island that holds many secrets, including mysterious creatures, weird people, unexpected events and scary surprises.

It's an amazing show because every episode reveals a bit about the survivors' past, and answers a few of the many questions viewers ask themselves...but it also almost always ends with a twist that keeps you coming back for more!

The fact that the cast is very attractive doesn't hurt either. It stars hunky Matthew Fox (of Party of Five fame) as Jack, sizzling hot Josh Holloway as Sawyer, Canadian Evangeline Lilly as Kate, and her real-life fiancé Dominic Monaghan as Charlie.

Showtime started airing Lost a few months ago, but I am way ahead, and have almost caught up with the episodes aired in the US (season 2, episode 13).

If you haven't had a chance to catch Lost yet, then I strongly suggest you do, because it's one of the best shows out there. I may be mistaken, but I think you can even rent the DVD of all of Season 1.

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Lady C said...

It's the biggest show since 24 here in North America. I haven't gotten on the band wagen since I have absolutely not time to watch TV. I did watch the first episode and it was fun !! Last thing I heard is that there was a spinoff episode on the ''other'' survivors of the crash that are somewhere else on the island....