Friday, February 03, 2006

Mylo vs. UAE radio

I was listening to the radio in my car this evening, and Mylo's Doctor Pressure started playing. The chorus came up, and it seemed like the record skipped a beat or something. Then the chorus came up again, and the record skipped a beat yet again. Until I eventually noticed that the beat skipping was actually deliberate.

The reason? The chorus of the songs goes like this: "Motherf...ers gonna drop the pressure, motherf...ers gonna drop the pressure...", repeated over and over again ( they're not the most thought-provoking lyrics, I admit).

This song has been playing on the radio ad nauseam for the past few months now, and it has never been censored before. See, the thing is, when the guy sings the "motherf...ers" part, it doesn't really sound like he's saying that exact word. The word "f..k" is a bit muted, so it never really came across as offensive to me, or anyone else who has heard the song. In fact, every time I heard this song, I always wondered whether he actually clearly says the word "motherf...ers" or not.

So my question is, why is the song now censored, after having been played hundreds of times over the past few months? Did someone from the UAE Censorship Bureau (if this is actually what this entity is called) finally catch on to what the guy was singing?

The edited version is so badly made (like I said, it sounds like a scratched record), that it's bound to attract more attention to it. If you're going to butcher a song like that, then just don't play it on the radio! If only Mylo knew what they're doing to his song!

PS: Just wanted to mention that I really like Mylo's music, he has a few amazing tracks on his Destroy Rock & Roll album. Doctor Pressure is the catchiest and most commercial track on the album. My favourites are In My Arms, Zenophile and Otto's Journey.

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