Wednesday, February 22, 2006

It's still winter

Despite experiencing a few very hot days in the past couple of weeks, it's still officially winter, and yesterday we got our first drops of rain so far this year!

Some of the headlines in today's papers made me crack up, like Gulf News' "Winter's heaviest downpour brings down temperature" . We got 2.6 mm of rain people! I would hardly call that a heavy downpour!

Obviously traffic was simply mad, it took some people between an hour and a half and two hours to get from Sheikh Zayed to Media City! And the number of accidents that happened is simply shocking:

Dubai police received 500 accident reports from the early hours of the morning until 9am yesterday as a result of speeding, not leaving a safe distance in the rain and low visibility.

UAE motorists do not know how to drive when it's sunny and dry, let alone when we have a few clouds and a couple of drops of rain. I mean, come on! One of the first things I learned in driving school is that the roads are the most dangerous when it first starts to rain, because that's when the roads are the most slippery. Slow down, keep your distance....logical no? Not for motorists here I guess....

Anyway winter is not over yet, because it seems we are getting more rain tomorrow and the day after, with between 20 and 30 mm of rain expected. If this is accurate, it means no beach for me again for the 3rd week in a row!!! This sucks!


nzm said...

I'll think of you while we're in Jordan this weekend!

Anonymous said...

It's been no beach for me since January of 2005.........................Now that really sucks!!!!!

Dubai Sunshine said...

Have fun in Jordan NZM. You'll have to update us on your trip when you come back.

Habz, yalla...come's about time you come to see us.

Anonymous said...

Working on it!
DC Habz