Friday, August 17, 2007

Occupation 101

This documentary is a must-see.

It discusses the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, starting with the rise of zionism, all the way up to the current situation in the Gaza strip and the West Bank. And it's definitely an eye-opener when it comes to the amount of money the US dedicates to the support of Israel.

Special thanks to my sis for sending me the link to this.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Random thoughts....

I know I've probably discussed this subject to death, but I still don't understand this whole public holidays system here.

Israa wal Mi3raj is today. Some of our clients had the day off yesterday. Some will have the day off on Sunday. The government sector will not have any days off apparently, so it's weird in this case that the private sector has been given some days off. My company has not given us any days off, which sucks! I could have really used a long weekend!

On another note, I keep getting this message on my cell phone from "HHIE Survey" which says the following:

Determining the minimum wage limit and securing a satisfactory standard of living are major goals of the Expenditure and Income Survey.

Okay.....Umm...3 things:
1) What does that mean?
2) What am I supposed to do with this message
and 3) Why have I received this SAME message over 5 times now?

And finally, my vacation is now 14 days away. I can't WAIT! I can't wait to be away from Dubai and Abu Dhabi, I can't wait to be away from the heat, and I can't wait to be away from work.