Tuesday, January 24, 2006

2000 hits!

Just under a month ago, I announced the 1000 hit mark on my blog. And now, sometime in the past couple of days, I reached the 2000 hit mark! My objective was 1000 hits this month, so I am happy to have achieved this a few days early.

Here's something I wanted to write about yesterday but I was too tired by the time I came across the article, so here it is, a day late: it seems the Municipality and Agriculture Department of Abu Dhabi is trying to come up with ways to alleviate traffic during peak hours.

The department suggested levying fees on the use of busy streets and roads at peak hours will help solve the problem of traffic jams in the city. It also suggested moving certain commercial and entertainment centres outside the city.

I couldn't help but smile when reading this. I commend the A-D Municipality for taking this initiative, it's great that they're thinking of ways to make things better for its citizens, but shouldn't Dubai be the city that's taking these steps? In Abu Dhabi, when a traffic light goes red more than once, it's considered "traffic"! It's Dubai that has the serious traffic issues! Not Abu Dhabi!


nzm said...

At least the decision-makers in Abu Dhabi are giving serious thought to the matter before it gets out of hand.

I think that in Dubai, the traffic issue grew so quickly that there was little time to react, and the roading infrastructure just couldn't cope.

And of course, SZR was (still is) the only way in and out of all the adjoining emirates into Dubai - unless you go miles out of your way to hook up with the Emirates Road.

Some people would call that poor planning or lack of foresight! :-)

Dubai Sunshine said...

You are so right NZM. I still don't understand why we have one highway stretching all the way across the city. Highways are supposed to be AROUND cities, no in the middle of them.

I realised that I rarely go through any traffic lights when driving in Dubai...because there aren't any! Except for the occasional one in Media city...and I rarely venture into Deira and Bur Dubai. So really, life IS a highway!