Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Another earthquake?

I just felt some moving in our building here again.....and everyone else around me felt it. Could it be another earthquake? Did anyone else feel it?


Gautam said...

Hmm..I guess I was not the only one then..!!!


moryarti said...

I felt it big time ..

Dubai Sunshine said...

Do we know if it was an earthquake? I did not see anything written about this yet....

moryarti said...

yes on al jazeerah

south Iran 5.6 strength

I felt it around 11ish this morning. I was staying at home today in the TV room. Wife and baby-girl were sleeping. I felt small repetitive jolts shacking the couch. At the beginning i thought i just was dizzy cause i have been sleeping 4hrs/day only. Then i saw the laptop screen shaking as well as the hanging picture frames. I am not new to earthquakes and i've always been cool about it. This time, housever, there is a wife and a baby in the picture.

So, i woke the ladies up and told them there is an earthquake and that we should leave the house. We started calling other friends and family but no one felt it .. wife thought i DO need to get some sleep :) :)

Until around 1pm when the news came as "breaking news" on al Jazeerah - only 2hrs later :)

Dubai Sunshine said...

Thanks Moryarti. I found out about the earthquake later on as well. 5.6 is not that high of an intensity for us to feel it though! Weird.

I started feeling dizzy too, and then noticed that everything was moving. I looked around and people around me seemed surprised as well. It was also around 11:15-11:30.

Oh well. I did not feel the last one, so at least I got to experience what it's like to feel a mini-earthquake.

Hope Mrs M and baby L are doing well :)