Thursday, February 16, 2006

Famous people

Have you every met or seen anyone famous?

I have seen a few famous people, just by pure coincidence, but my most memorable celebrity encounter was with Pierce Brosnan.

It was in 1998, in Montreal, and I was walking home with 2 friends of mine. We had just bought a huge bamboo papasan chair for my friend, and we were carrying it home. Needless to say, we kind of looked ridiculous. I was walking ahead when suddenly my friend calls out to me and tells me she just saw Pierce sitting in a restaurant! So we all run back to the front of the restaurant window, and stare, open-mouthed, at Pierce sitting with a young man (not sure if it was his son, or a co-star). The restaurant window is open, because it was a beautiful summer day. Pierce then says "Hello beautiful" to my friend...So she mumbles something about an autograph, and fumbles around her bag, looking for a piece of paper. I was in the midst of job-hunting at the time, so I quickly handed a copy of my CV (which I had in my bag) to my friend. The waiter at the restaurant was kind enough to give us a pen, and Pierce autographed my CV. We then said goodbye to Pierce, and walked along, giggling like teenagers at our brush with fame.

My only disappointment was that Pierce did not look as good as he does in the movies. He looked sloppy, as he was filming Grey Owl at the time, which is the story of the life and work of a Canadian fur trapper turned conservationist who claimed to be a Native American.

But it was still Pierce Brosnan!

Other celebrities I have seen:

Matt Dusk, a Canadian singer at the Montreal Jazz festival (he was also on a show called The Casino) . I even saw him backstage after his show and took a picture with him!

Eriq Lasalle of ER fame, at a restaurant in Montreal .

American Pie's Jason Biggs, at a club in Boston.

And John Rzeznik, lead singer of the Goo Goo Dolls, at a restaurant in Boston.


sky said...

Oh I'm so gonna steal that idea for a post.

Of course, you know very well which story I am going to tell!


chazoo said...

I've seen Harrison Ford at a restaurant in Montreal (Bice), the Williams sisters (Serena and Venus) at Les Galleries Lafayette in Paris (they're giants - not fat - giants!)hmmm, Debbie Travis at the Marché atwater, Salma Hyek in Cannes, and I don't remember if I've seen others... I'll let you know if I do!

Dubai Sunshine said...

Not many non-Canadians will know who Debbie Travis is.....

I forgot to mention Josee Di Stasio (whom many non-Quebecois people will never have even heard of). She was on my flight from Montreal to Paris, the day I left Montreal for good. I was crying like there was no tomorrow after reading a card my friend N. had given me, and she was sitting jus opposite me at the gate before we boarded the plane. I am sure she must have thought: "why is this weird girl crying so much".

secretdubai said...

I interviewed Pierce once. He was very pleasant and polite. I don't find his real-life voice very sexy though, it's a bit "light".

moryarti said...

I met Arafat, Bill Gates, Hilary Clinton, Azim Premji and Edward Said.

I was once greeted by Mrs. Hosni Mubarak who referred to me as 'a model for Egyptian youth' when she didn't know that i was the only non-Egyptian person in the room.

I also once spent a good 15 minutes with Omar El Sherif in a hotel lobby.

I acted as a body-guard to Adel Imam, helped producing a video with Amr Diab, Assi El Hillani, Hisham Abbas and Hamid El Sha3iri. i took Ehab Tawfiq for suit shopping in Emirates Towers and I am close friends with Mona Zaki, Dina and Sara Nour El Sherif.

Very very few people know all this cause i know they will all end up thinking i am bullsh!ting (which i am not i swear :) )

samuraisam said...

I've met more sheikhs than you can shake a stick at,
i've met mis-teeq, some famous asstralian gardener, other people i can't really mention /:

Dubai Sunshine said...

SD: One would think that Pierce has a nice, deep voice....Like in all his James Bond movies. Guess not.

Moryarti: Wow, you've met a LOT of famous people. Your Mrs Mobarak encounter must have been hilarious!
But Arafat...Hillary Clinton...Bill Gates...Where did those happen? It's not everyday someone can say that they've met an ex-US First Lady (and US senator...and maybe future presidential candidate?), one of the richest men in the world (if not THE richest), and the most talked about Middle-Eastern politician in recent history...Pretty cool :) I'm jealous.

Sam, why can't you mention the other people? Are you protecting yourself, or are you protecting them? Hehe :)

moryarti said...


Mrs. Mubarak was during The IAA Congress - 1996 in Cairo. i was looking after the IAA Academic Chapter at my uni.

Arafat was also in Cairo - i knew the daughters of some Palestinian Authority bigshot who invited me to a family function her dad was having during a visit Arafat was making to cairo...

Mrs. Clinton (and her daughter as well) was during their first visit to Egypt and our university (AUC) back in 98 i think - i was among 100 selected students to meet up with her. I still have the personal invitation i got from the president's office.

The music celebs was during my work in model casting back in the good 'ol days.

I was looking after the Microsoft account when Gates attended global leadership forum.. very nice guy

Dubai Sunshine said...

Pretty cool :)

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