Saturday, February 18, 2006

I wish....

I wish I had a camera on me to take a picture of the guy who lit up his midwakh right below the no smoking sign at the BMW showroom this morning. Or I wish I had the courage to tell him off.

I wish I had more time when a loser insisted on driving into a narrow street when he saw me entering from the other side. We ended up deadlocked in the middle of the street and he did not want to budge. I did not budge either for a few minutes, and asked the man to back out. He then told me to back out by rudely shaking his hand. I waited a bit more, but then had to back out because I was going to be late for an appointment. I did scream out "You bastard" from my window, and honked at him but I doubt it mattered.

I wish I had the audacity not to pay the cab driver who was screaming at me when we got lost trying to find a place. He started complaining and shouting that I was making him turn left and right and left and right, and blamed me for not knowing where the place was. I told him to shut up, that I was paying him after all. The ride ended up costing Dhs 4.5 (the only cheap thing left in Abu Dhabi: taxis), I gave him Dhs 5 and waited for him to return the 50 fils (which is something I never do, but this time I was upset). He then complained about me no leaving him the 50 fils. I took the 50 fils, got out of the car and slammed the door shut.

What a day!


grapeshisha said...

We can dream, but in times of change there rage and wrongs and despair.

I wish there was nothing to complain about. I wish we all lived in harmony in this here country. But then, I fear it would lose its appeal.

chazoo said...

I understand completely. I can talk tough but then when things like that happen, I become such a wuss.