Friday, March 31, 2006

Johnny Rockets

I had lunch at Johnny Rockets at MOE today. (Of course I now regret ever setting foot in that place to begin with, because I always feel like crap after eating junk food, but damn their burgers are good).

Anyway....have you ever seen the waiters and waitresses dance? Today was the first time I ever experienced that, and it was hilarious!

At one point, the music stops and they start playing some Bee Gee's tunes (Stayin' Alive, and I forgot what the other one was), and they dance! A choreagraphed dance! It's really funny.

I have been to the Johnny Rockets at Dubai Marina several times and never saw any dancing there. Is it something that happens in all branches or just at the MOE one?

Update: OK I should have checked out their website before asking any questions. It seems the song and dance thing happens everywhere. On their "Careers" section, they also ask the question: "When was the last time you found yourself singing and dancing at work?". So that answers the question.

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