Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Anyone else stuck at work at this hour?
Cause I am...

I wanna go hooooooooome :(


sky said...

Go home!
It's just a job...as you always tell me: no one is bleeding, no one is dying, you're not saving lives.

So don't stay at work so late. Think, you could have been oggling Bryan Adams tonight...
tsk tsk tsk

Dubai Sunshine said...

Shatap...I hate you!
I love Bryan Adams!

You're right...I am not saving lives, but I am saving my sanity by staying this late, so that I don't run around like a chicken without a head tomorrow... But of course, something unexpected always pops up out of nowhere.

Oh well...you have good days and you have bad days, and today was a bad day, but I just don't let it get to me :)

sky said...

Don't say "chicken without a head."
The right expression is "headless chicken."

It sounds heavy otherwise.

(courtesy of adsunshinethesaurus.com)

Dubai Sunshine said...

Well it's not necessarily wrong. I checked online and a lot of people use "chicken without a head", miss Thesaurus.

Anonymous said...

How about: Running around like a chicken with its head cutt off.? I use it all the time :), But hey, does that chicken have a good head of hair? If it doesn't, then it's almost nothing , back to "Matters of the hair" with the thin/fine problems, I'm having a bad hair/head one today.

Ladies, I enjoy reading you, and I bought " Breathing" on iTunes today to get a glimpse of what was whizzing by ur head today Sunshine.


Anonymous said...

My last word above was supposed to be " Sky ".


nzm said...

In NZ, we just abbreviate it to "like a headless chook".


sky said...

Hahah S. you're funny! I believe if that chicken is indeed running around without a head, then its hair must have been ruffled and frayed somewhere along the way.
Thanks for checking out the song, hope you liked it!
Do we know each other btw?

Anonymous said...

Yes I liked the song, now that I paid close attention to the lyrics( which I never did before), they're intimate indeed.

We don't know each other but I can relate to your experience living in Canada and moving to a new/old/familiar sunny place. Well I can only relate to the Canadian part for now, planning to move to UAE sOOn.You represent a great example of a girl who moved there from the West and seems to be enjoying it. i.e. You inspire me :)

Thank you,


Dubai Sunshine said...

Welcome to our blogs S.

Last year, around exactly this time, I was going through the same thing as you were. I was living in Canada, but was in the process of moving to Dubai.

I was in the middle of selling all my furniture, settling all my taxes, and saying goodbye to all my friends.

Hope everything goes well for you with the move. Let us know if you need any help :)