Saturday, March 18, 2006


My sister posted about Gulf News' "Accident of the week" article last week, which is published every Saturday, asking whether it's a good idea or not. I commented saying I think it's a great eye-opener to all these morons out there, who like to pretend that UAE roads are no different than Formula One tracks.

I also wrote about seeing a horrific accident on Sunday morning while on my way from Abu Dhabi to Dubai. I had not seen much of what had happened (I am not a rubbernecker!), but I did see a badly smashed up mini-van, which made me feel queasy and bothered. Well, that very same accident has been featured in today's "Accident of the week". And it's really disturbing.

With idiots who believe that it's OK to tailgate a car, or to not leave enough room between themselves and the car in front of them when driving on a highway at breakneck speeds, this sort of thing is bound to happen.

Unfortunately, I am sure that these idiots do not even read Gulf News to begin with, so they don't even get to see all these horrific accidents.


moryarti said...

i really think that almost every tailgater out there does not believe that tailgating IS actually very dangerous. That’s why I am with what GN is doing..

Mar said...

Those Idiots don't read the gulf news because they're either dead, on a hospital bed, or lost their reading skills due to the crashes they get themselves and other people into.