Saturday, April 01, 2006

No longer 6Days?

Could it be that 7Days is actually going to be published 7 days a week from now on? In the past, despite being called 7Days, the newspaper was only published 6 days a week, with Saturday being the "day off".

This morning, as I walked through the lobby of my building, I find some copies lying around, so I grab one thinking they were leftovers from yesterday. And, surprise! It is actually today's paper!

I don't know if this is an exception.

Anyway, if you happen to come across a 7Days today, check it out, if only for all the Virgin ads that are in there. They've basically painted the whole newspaper red! (I did not see any other advertiser in there, so it's a Virgin-dedicated 7Days). Every single page has at least one (if not more than one) ad for Virgin. And they are quite tongue in cheek, very much in line with what Virgin has done in the past.

There's a bit of arrogance: "We heard Dubai does everything bigger and better, so do we", a dash of creativity: "The world's smallest crossword.....Something to keep you occupied while you check in", new vocabulary: "Jetiquette", there's the Virgin horoscope, then there's a cheeky retort to Harvey Nichol's "Forget London" ads, with a full page simply stating "Don't forget London", there's a "Virgin Sudoku", and even a "Movies this month on Virgin Atlantic" section next to the Cinema listing.

And of course, there is a spelling mistake (it wouldn't be 7Days without a spelling mistake now would it?). One of the Virgin ads claims "The Freedom Menu let's you eat whenever you please".

All in all, very catchy and very impressive. Oh, and I love Richard Branson :)


sky said...

DS, the Co-op sells personalities; buy one get one free. YOU ALWAYS END UP SAYING THE THINGS I SAY!

Branson is mine, check my post from whenever he was here in November or something.


Anyway, sounds to me like this issue of 7Days was a one-off for Virgin, but I could be wrong.
I never see this bloody paper...I can never find it anywhere. I think their circulation needs to be improved in AD, before the watchman downstairs kills me for stealing his copy everyday.

Dubai Sunshine said...

I knew you were going to comment on that! Hey just because you love Richard Branson doesn't mean I can't love him too!

sky said...

True, a man like Branson needs to be shared. I'll share the wealth this time, but just this time.

But other men, ie Ben, Sawyer, Spongebob, will remain mine.

secretdubai said...

Grocer's' apostrophe's always make me shudder.

Dubai Sunshine said...

Spongebob? SPONGEBOB? You are so weird!
I don't like Ben....and ok, fine, I'll give you Sawyer as long as I can have Jack.

SD, any spelling mistake makes me shudder! Especially on an AD! Virgin's ad agency can't afford any proofreaders?

moryarti said...

they have an inhouse company called Broadway which is owned and run by the same people who run the megastore franchise.. i will keep my opinion of that operation to myself if you know what i mean..