Monday, March 20, 2006

Out of touch

I thought last week was hectic, but it seems that this week will not be any better.

I have been averaging 13-14 hour work days. I feel like I am out of touch with the world because I wake up, get dressed (looking like a zombie), go to work, put out fires, follow up with incompetent people, do 3 things at once, attend meetings, constantly update a never-ending to-do list, reply to what seems like a billion e-mails, brainstorm, motivate, delegate, then I get home around 13 hours later, starving, prepare something to eat, lose my appetite while doing so, shower, read around 3 lines of a book or a magazine before dozing off.

I barely have time to do anything else, let alone read a I have no idea what's going on in the world. I barely have time to talk to my family, I am not seeing any friends, and am not partaking in any social activities. My room is a mess, but I have no desire or energy to fix it up.

I know I am complaining....I just needed to vent. I know there are always ups and downs and that this is an "up" phase that will pass. I'm just hoping it will pass sooner rather than later.


sky said...

You must be tired, you wrote "this is an "up" phase"...don't you mean "down"? Or maybe you meant "up" as in super hectic and high energy?

Anyway...TAKE A BREAK!
But don't worry, nothing too important is happening in the world. Besides the usual war famine and violence of course...

At least you have time to blog.

Dubai Sunshine said...

I am tired. But I did mean "up phase" referring to my workload.

And I can't stay too long without updating it. Writing relaxes me :)

nzm said...

Ah c'mon - admit it - you're addicted to blogging and get anxiety pangs if you can't update often.

Just like the rest of us! lol

I'm hanging out to update our blog and can't do it because of work commitments!

chazoo said...

I understand what you are going through... I get to work at 7:30 and leave at 7:30, I make myself go to the gym. I'm not hungry when I get home. I go to bed at 10 and I barely make it out of bed in the morning. On top of it, we have the "verification comptable" going on this week. I constantly trying to find documents for them and I can't do my work.

Anyhoo - I want a vacation!

sky said...

I want a vacation too!!

Come on nzm, update that blog already!

Dubai Sunshine said...

I think after the 2 weeks I've had, I'll need a vacation too! So where do we all go? I've always wanted to to go to Spain...or Australia...or Italy....or Portugal....who wants to come along?

And yes, NZM, it's been waaaaay too long since your last update :)

nzm said...

Pushy, pushy!


sky said...

I want!!

Hehe...ok nzm, we'll get off your case :)

nzm said...

well I updated in a small way - I still haven't managed to do the Jordan trip yet!