Friday, March 24, 2006

How many more?

Two more shocking, scary, sad deaths this week due to reckless driving. Newspapers have actually released information about the 2 victims this time, making these deaths even more real for everyone who's heard about them.

Jossy Cardoza, 30 years old, died on Sheikh Zayed Road while changing a tyre. He was hit by a car, speeding on the hard shoulder, trying to overtake another car. Jossy had only been married 4 months, and his young wife is now a widow because of some idiot, moron, loser, murderer...whatever you want to call him.

Ben Mulligan, 31 years old, was pushing a car, in which he was a passenger, towards a gas station after running out of gas. He was on Sheikh Rashid road, and got rammed into by a Bulgarian man who was speeding, and who is suspected of having been under the influence of alcohol.

Such a horrible, stupid way to die. Why? Because some idiots decide it's OK to endanger other people's lives?

Some advertising agencies and TV production houses are actually getting together to produce a commercial to help raise awareness about the issue, and will ask Dubai TV to air it. While this is commendable, it's just not enough.

If anything, I blame the police. No matter how much awareness is raised about reckless driving, no matter how much people complain about this, no matter how many innocent lives are taken, nothing will change unless the police are out there punishing the idiots who don't know how to drive. Fine them, deduct points, revoke their licenses, whatever! Just do something about it! Why aren't police cars out there patrolling the streets, making sure this sort of thing does not happen? Enough is enough!


chazoo said...

I agree with you about the police. But it starts with the law makers... the police is just the enforcer. Awareness is very important but strict measures should be enforced to change behaviours.

Mirvat said...

how does car insurance work in dubai? does it go up if one gets into more accidents?

Dubai Sunshine said...

It does go up, but not nearly as much as in countries like the US and Canada. I don't think the increase in insurance would be a deterrant to these morons anyway. When you drive a car worth hundreds of thousands of dirhams, what's a few thousand dirhams more in insurance?

KingKaiser said...

Heres a good idea - call it vehicular manslaughter and get them in jail for 10 yrs if the cause was speeding, breaking a light, or any other law. Thats what they do in the west, and the per capita death due to hit-and-runs is much lower. You kill someone, your life is effectively over.

A friend of mine was killed a few years ago by some drivers who were speeding in a residential area and broke a light. Their big punishment? A few hours in the holding room till their family got their passports. If thats the cost of a human life, can we really be surprised when no one bothers to consider the consequences?

Desert Lady said...

Ben was friend of mine who i'd known for 20 something years. Although I no longer live in Dubai, I still like to catch up with the local news via Gulf News/7 days etc websites so you can only imagine the shock when I read about Ben.
Dubai has always had some of the most horrific road accidents but now it seems like an every day occurance which is accepted as the 'norm'. When a local newspaper writes a weekly column called 'crash of the week', it proves something is radically wrong. Some serious action from the Police and Government of Dubai is long overdue.
Unfortunately Ben, like so many others, was an innocent person just in the wrong place at the wrong time. He will be greatly missed by all those that knew him.

Dubai Sunshine said...

Desert Lady, thanks for your comment. I did not know Ben, but reading about the accident, about Ben, about Ben's friends and family has really affected me.

You're right, something IS radically wrong with the way people drive here. And what's even worse is the total lack of reaction from the police and government here.

I just hope that Ben and Jossy and the hundreds of others who have suffered the same fate have not died in vain. I hope this actually opens up the eyes of all drivers out there. I hope this is the beginning of the end of reckless driving.

King Kaiser, I agree, these deaths should be treated as a manslaughter. Two years in prison for killing someone is simply ridiculous.

The solution to this whole driving issue is not a simple one. A series of steps have to be implemented to actually solve this. Awareness is one stepping stone. But then you also have :
- Better instructors
- A point deduction system for licenses
- Hefty fines
- Tougher prison sentences
- More police patrolling
- More radars

Anonymous said...

Ben Mulligan was an arrogant bully and got what he deserved. He beat up an number of my friends when they were drunk. He waited for them sober and pounced when they were not able or capable of defending themselves. He was a coward and Karma came knocking.