Thursday, March 09, 2006

Dubai Jazz Festival

Just came back from the Jazz Festival.

It's the fourth edition of the festival, and the first time I attend. I must admit that I am pretty impressed.

The Jazz Fest is happening outdoors in Dubai Media City, which is great for me because it's right across from my work, so we just walked there. It's also great that some of our clients are sponsors, so we got to get in for free, and sit in one of the exclusive lounges that have a great view of the stage, and nice comfy couches (and free drinks!).

The music was purely Jazz (not surprising you might add, as this is the Dubai International Jazz Festival)...well, I am saying this because the Jazz Festival in Montreal also welcomes non-jazz musicians, so you get a bit of everything, including Latin, African and Arabic music.

Back to the Dubai Jazz Fest: the only negative aspect is that I felt that the event was a bit too commercial. Everywhere you looked, there was a logo, or a promoter handing out a flyer...I understand that such events need sponsors, but I felt that there was a bit of an overkill with all the branding that was happening.

But all in all, it was a pleasant and different experience. And the weather is simply perfect for such an event. So if you get the chance to, head over to Media City and check it out. Friday is the last day of the festival.


Gautam said...

Thanks for the info...!!!


nzm said...

I so wish that I was there. This is the 3rd Jazz Festival that I've missed because of our travel. :-(