Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Bad day....

....or actually, bad week.

It's been one hell of a week at work. In fact I am still at work (10:21PM...I am waiting for someone to finish something so I can send it to someone else...yes, yes, I can just see it now, Sky posting a comment saying "maybe if you didn't waste your time blogging, you'd be home by now). I am just exhausted physically and emotionally. It feels like I am in constant battle with my clients (with one in particular).

I am a big believer in treating people the way I want to be treated. So I don't understand how someone you don't know very well decides it's OK to scream at you, or speak to you in a condescending manner, or threatens to pull a project from you if you do not deliver on time. That's really the wrong way to go about doing things in my opinion.

I have noticed that in general, things work out much better when everyone treats each other with respect, or when there is a genuine effort to reach a solution that will satisfy all parties involved. I, for one, do not mind going the extra mile (or the extra 10 miles for that matter) for clients who actually respect me, treat me nicely, and appreciate the effort I put in to help them out. And I do not feel any desire to help out a client who thinks he can boss me around or talk down at me.

I just refuse to have someone raise their voice at me, or talk to me in an unacceptable manner. Even my very own father does not do that, so who the hell do these people think they are to actually talk to me like that?

Things go so much better when there is real teamwork and partnership. Why can't clients understand that?


sky said...

I'm we have the same father?

Dubai Sunshine said...

Last I checked, yes we do :)

Anonymous said...

Because you're in Advertising!!! I presume? Yes I feel the pressure. It's the Domino Effect, one pressuring the other to get things done and out of the door. I kind of sense you're in advertising when you said something the other day ( I think it was you :)) like " It's not a matter of life or death" it's just work, they're just Ads people.And yes, there's no excuse to the way they treat people.A lot of mentally ill people in all industries but this one is quite unique. Please say you u're in advertising! :)


moryarti said...

thats why i moved from the agency to the client side..

Sissy said...

Putain moi aussi !
Une journee de merde, pas encore finie en plus !
Moi, c'est les gens qui font mal leur boulot qui m'enerve, et qui croient que t'as que ca a foutre de refaire leur taf, alors que t'es censee "verifier que tout roule". Merde quoi !
Ah oui, et pour les petits soucis de communication, moi j'ai une technique : always smile !

And to anonymous : Yes, she's in advertising !

Bisous ma cherie,


Dubai Sunshine said...

Moryarti, I hope you'll be a nice client :)

Sissy...Je suis tout a fait d'accord avec toi! La paresse des gens, ca me tue aussi! God knows y'a beaucoup de gens paresseux ici!

And you're right. I'll just try to smile :) It's hard when you're exhausted and sick and tired of work and all you want to do is crawl into bed and spend the day there, but I will try! And it's almost the weeked...YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

moryarti said...

i've been a client for the past 3 years - i remember being nasty once or tiwce, but they were for very good reasons. Once with people who got me into serious trouble because they missed their deadline and i had to stay up all night (straight till 11 AM next mornning) to fix their mess.. i fired them the following day when i woke up :)