Thursday, March 02, 2006

I got tagged!

Well it was bound to happen sooner or later. I got tagged by NZM (who was tagged by CG who was tagged by Keefieboy!). And no, I don't hate you NZM :)

Here goes:

Four jobs that I’ve had:
- Computer consultant (at my university computer lab. Basically helped people with computer/printer issues)
- PR coordinator (my first "real" job was in PR....I didn't mind PR, but I hated the company I worked for)
- Account executive (at an ad agency in Montreal)
- Account Supervisor (at a magazine publishing company in Montreal)

Four movies that I could watch over and over (OK this one's really hard!):
- Bridget Jones' Diary (the first one)
- Love Actually
- Gone with the Wind
- Disney's Aladdin

Four places where I’ve lived:
- Beirut, Lebanon (well I was born there and left when I was 4....but it's still considered living there I guess)
- Abu Dhabi, UAE
- Montreal, Canada
- Dubai, UAE

Four TV shows that I like:
- Lost
- ER
- Friends (I still watch re-runs)
- Oprah

Four places where I’ve vacationed:
- Paris, France
- Limassol, Cyprus
- Vienna, Austria
- Mayan Riviera, Mexico

Four of my favourite dishes:
- Seafood (yummy)
- Kibbeh (cracked wheat and meat dish)
- Sushi
- My pasta & olives dish

Four sites that I visit daily:
- Gulf News
Statcounter (to check my web stats)
- UAE Community Blog

Four Books that I’ve read this year (seriously! NZM is right....It's just March. I haven't had the time to read 4 books this year yet, but here are the last 4 I have read):
- Deception Point, Dan Brown
- I, the divine: A novel in first chapters, Rabih Alameddine
- While I was gone, Sue Miller
- 99 Francs, Frédéric Beigbeder (OK I am cheating. Haven't read this one yet but it's next on my list after I finish the book I am currently reading)

Four Bloggers that I’m going to tag with this (there's no one left to tag! Who am I supposed to tag now??):
- Samuraisam
- Grapeshisha
- Natalie & Robert
- I really can't think of a 4th one...sorry! But any non-bloggers who feel like answering this one, please do so in the comments :)


Anonymous said...

sorry non-blogger here. What does tagged mean?

chazoo said...

Here I go...

Four jobs: CFO for HLT Energies, construction director for SmartSoil, Ass. project manager at he Palais des congrès, design engineer for Spie Batignolles

Four movies: the sound of music, Briget Jones (the 1st one), Gigi, dirty dancing

Four places I lived: St-Lambert, Bromont, Montréal, Paris.

four TV Show's: Grey's anatomy, seinfeld, survior, Debbie Tavis' Facelift.

Four favourite dishes: scallops, sushi, chicken, pasta in general

Four sites I visit daily: DubaiSunshine and AD sunshine, the Gossip column on MSN, LA presse... and more

Four books (this year): The latest "Harry Potter", "Monday Mourning", "Les trois moyens de conservation de la viande", "M. Ibahim et les fleurs du Coran"

I don't know any bloggers other than DS and ADS!

nzm said...

anon @ 10:51

It's like a blog chain letter - a blogger answers it, then passes it onto you in the last question, then you have to answer it on your blog and it goes on ad infinitum - unless someone decides enough is enough and breaks the chain!

DS - thanks for entering in the spirit and taking up the challenge!

waiting to see Sky's response! :-)

Dubai Sunshine said...

Chazoo! Thanks for replying.

I was about to put Sound of Music on my movie list too.....I grew up with this movie and every time I watch it, I learn something new.
And yes, I can watch Dirty Dancing another 100 times (that's in addition to the 100 times I have already seen it!). As for Gigi, great movie too. Come to think of it, I haven't seen it in a while. I should watch it again.

It's funny, I just watched Monsieur Ibrahim et les fleurs du Coran 2 nights ago. I liked the movie a lot. I am sure the book was better.

sky said...

#1 - I cannot believe you did not tag me.

#2 - Have you become one of those annoying people who call it "The Gulf News"??? Do I teach you nothing??!!

sky said...

#3 - Oops, just realised nzm tagged me as well..:)

Dubai Sunshine said...

That's why I did not tag you Sky!
And for your sake, I changed it to "Gulf News". I had just copied-pasted the answers from NZM and kept THE Gulf News...sorry

sky said...

Well, then by no means did I mean to call nzm annoying..:)
But guys, it's Gulf News. Leave 'the' behind, please!


nzm said...

oops - noted Sky - will now amend my blog to reflect Gulf News with no the!


chazoo said...

I forgot places I've vacationned... the last 4 places i've vacationed are:
Europe (France & Italy - 2 we with my late father in Law)
Europe (Northern Germany and Denmark - with BF Iz and sister)
Cyprus & Cairo (with BFF Cousine)
Australia & New Zealand (3 mo backpacking - with Me,Myself&I great girl she is!)

I'm bragging but then again DSunshine - you know all this right?