Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The light at the end of the tunnel

It was another full day of meetings. We finished at 6 and I wanted to head back home early for a change, but ended up having to go back to work to put out some fires. And of course, once I got there, I had to deal with all the e-mails I had gotten during the day. So it's like working a half day of work, after a full day of meetings.

I hate all-day meetings. Clients expect things to move as fast as usual when we are away for a full day (and usually they are with us at those full-day meetings). How can this be feasible? Yes I do work with a team that I can delegate to, but half the team was in yesterday's and today's all-day meetings....and it's not fair to just dump all the work on the other half of the team (who already have enough of their own work!). Plus, it's just not the same when I am not there to push for things to happen. So I basically spent a lot of time SMSing people, and taking urgent calls, during my meetings! (not cool I know...I usually frown upon people who are glued to their cell phone, but I really could not do anything about this). Thank God Blackberry's are not used here! I can only imagine what it would be like otherwise.

But, on a more positive note, I actually feel more energetic today. I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe it's because the major project that has been consuming my days (and nights) is almost finished (although I'll hold my breath until next week when it will really be finished). But this is just an artificial light anyway, because I am already thinking of the 5 pending projects I haven't had the time to concentrate on.

Regardless, I am finally beginning to feel normal again.. Moving away from my "out of touch" mode. Going back to being "in touch". It feels good to be back :)


sky said...

Welcome back

Although I cannot believe you took a phone call DURING a meeting. I hang my head in shame. You could have at least left the room??!

You're becoming one of 'them'...bad bad bad.

Dubai Sunshine said...

Sky..you know me better than that. I left the room when I took the call.

Ok I admit, I took ONE call (out of 20) inside the conference room. But I was whispering. I was just sick and tired of going in and out....

Mar said...

She's just trying to fit in, slowly adapting that is. She's been there longer than 40 days right! You know what they say about being around the same group of people for 40 days, one of our arabics sayings :s
But hey, adaptation is not a bad thing.

How are you ladies doing?