Friday, March 31, 2006

Delayed reaction

I often get "junk mail" at my doorstep. This usually consists of flyers for restaurants or cleaning/babysitting services.

Last night, I found a leaflet, with a fridge magnet, promoting the services of the Cedars Jebel Ali International Hospital. Fine. No problem.

But something grabbed my attention. The leaflet's headline says "Mother's Day Specials". Umm...Mother's day? A bit late, don't you think, considering Mother's day was 10 days ago?


moryarti said...

10 days? wallah they are getting better ... i once got an invite thats 2 months late :)

bmbdr said...

I actually recently visited them, and was impressed with their quality of services. The reception treatment was welcoming and the doctors acted in a professional manner and were well informed. Also, compared to a lot of hospitals in Dubai, Cedars has modern equipment like the ones that I saw in the States and Canada. What do you guys think, have you ever visited it?