Saturday, March 11, 2006

Butt Sweet House

Abu Dhabi and Dubai have new buildings mushrooming every day. Wherever you go there's a building being built in record time.

But Abu Dhabi still has some really old buildings that are practically falling apart. Some are really ugly too and clash with the new, modern buildings that are a few meters away. One of these buildings has a shop on the ground floor called "Butt Sweet House", and every time I drive by, I can't help but smile at the name. Who on earth thought of calling a place "Butt Sweet House"? Hilarious! Here's a picture for your viewing pleasure...Oh and check out the jaguar!


sky said...

I sincerely hope the dude has that jaguar pasted on his car for promotional purposes. Otherwise, why oh why?

Butt Sweet House is an AD staple. It used to make me giggle when I was a kid, so long ago.

syed said...

butt is a very popular family name in pakistan and these peoples belongs to indian troubled and most beautiful state kashmeer . if you go inside some time you will find very taste e sweets and not only big butts big belly too.