Thursday, April 20, 2006

One degree of separation

How funny (and random) is this?

Recently, Mar got in touch with me because she was visiting Dubai and wanted us to meet up. She is thinking of moving to Dubai in the near future.

She called me this afternoon and we chit-chatted on the phone a bit. She asked me where I worked and I told her. It turns out that Mar works for the same company I work for, in Detroit, Michigan. Not only that, she had just been in my office an hour or so before she called me, to meet up with a colleague of mine!! But of course, neither of us knew at the time.

Oh well...We didn't get a chance to meet up this time, but hopefully we will, next time, when and if Mar decides to move here.

That being said, I am big believer in the six degrees of separation theory, which states that anyone on earth can be connected to any other person on the planet through four other people in between. So, for example, I know person A, who knows person B, who knows person C, who knows person D, who knows David Beckham . So, only 4 people are between myself and Becks...or the Queen of England...or Wentworth Miller...yes, I've started watching Prison Break and he is really really hot!!


Anonymous said...

I had a 6-degree experience myself the oher day. I met with a committee of accreditation people, one of whom I knew (from his CV)was from Franklin, Tennessee. So when I met him I asked if he knew my aunt and uncle. Turns out my aunt was his much-adored first-grade teacher.

Mar said...

Oh God! I was walking around with your colleague and I got the feeling that you were in that office. It's freakish I know. It was a .5 degree of separation cuz I felt your presence? Weird!

I want to move there. I have some unfinished business here still. When the time is right, when the time is right :s SOON!

Dubai Sunshine said...

You'll have to keep me posted on your plans Mar. Good luck with everything and yalla....pack up and leave :)