Monday, April 17, 2006

Le difference

I get Campaign magazine on a weekly basis. It's a good publication in general and it allows me to keep up to date with the latest happenings in the advertising industry.

I, like many others, always make it a point to first check out a section called "The Spin" as soon as we receive Campaign, which is a column on the last page of the publication that doesn't spare a single ad or press release or event or article that belongs to the hall of shame.

Messed up on a press release? Well, you can make sure your company's name will be mentioned in the next Spin. Mistake in an article? Your publication will suffer the same fate. Heck, The Spin is where I got the name 6Days from (for those who do not live in the Emirates, the publication is actually called 7Days, but because it's only published 6 days a week, the Spin calls it 6Days).

So, obviously Campaign prides itself in the quality of its journalism. So why is it that they made a mistake in today's edition?

OK, so it was a mistake using a foreign word. Some might think this is forgiveable, because it's a foreign word. Au contraire! Publications need to be more vigilant when using foreign words or expressions. And it's not the first time I have spotted a mistake with the use of a foreign language.

Today's mistake was in the headline of an article about Maurice Levy, group chairman of Publicis Groupe: Can Publicis make le difference?

It's LA! LA! LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA différence...not LE! LA différence.


nzm said...

Oh la la - you francophiles are so sensitive!

That's what happens when you have feminine and masculine versions of the English "the".


chazoo said...

I love it when you go on a language rant!

So, are you going to make them publish their mistake in their "spin" section? I think you should make'em! SWEET JUSTICE!

Has one of your campains ever landed in this "spin" section? I want to know why!

Dubai Sunshine said...

Chazoo....if they want to publish their own mistake in the spin section, no problem:) But I doubt they will.

And no, none of my campaigns have landed in the Spin section....yet :)