Friday, April 28, 2006

Getting to know Dubai

I've realised that, after a year of living here, I do not really know Dubai all that well. I do have my excuses though:

For one, I spend most of my weekends in Abu Dhabi with la familia. And during weekdays, I don't get much of a chance to go out a lot, especially when I have hectic workdays. If I do go out, it's mostly for a movie, or dinner, or a drink. And it's always around the office somewhere to avoid traffic. Plus, I try to stay away from Sheikh Zayed road as much as I can. Driving on that road stresses me out way too much!

All of this limits how much I get to see of Dubai. So I've decided to "expand my horizons" so to speak, and to make it a point to visit new places in Dubai whenever I get the opportunity to.

Be it a restaurant, a bar, a mall, the Gold Souk, the Palm Islands, the Creek, Bab Al Shams...whatever! As long as I get to experience more of what Dubai has to offer, so I can begin to feel like I know this place...and maybe, just maybe, feel like I belong to this place.


nzm said...

Good for you!

When are you going to start?

Yesterday? :-))


Saad said...

I haven't visited Dubai in a while but I've heard that it has really changed. It's no longer just desert.

moryarti said...

let me know if you need any recommendations or directions :)

Dubai Sunshine said...

Hehe...Will let you know Moryarti :)

Saad, Dubai has not been just desert for a really long time now :) How long has it been since you last visited?

NZM, yes, I did start a couple of nights ago....bit by bit, I'll get to see it all hopefully!

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