Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Emirates Palace

I finally visited Emirates Palace a couple of weeks ago. I am in Abu Dhabi almost every weekend, but I still had not had the chance to visit the hotel, so I was happy to finally get the chance to see what everyone was talking about.

The outside of the hotel is absolutely breathtaking. Like something out of a fairy tale. Once you pass the gates, you enter an absolutely humongous garden with palm trees all over, which makes you feel like you are somewhere foreign and exotic.

The inside of the hotel is the definition of opulence and wealth. Everything is golden. Gold, gold, and more gold, everywhere you go. Obviously it's impressive (and pricey), but it's definitely not my kind of style. I much prefer the boutique hotels designed by Ian Schrager/Philippe Starck for example. Check them out, they are absolutely breathtaking!

Anyway I took a couple of pictures. Unfortunately it was nightime, and the outside pictures did not turn out so great.


secretdubai said...

I found the interiors hideously disappointing. Money not well spent at all.

You can't even see the more beautiful features because everything is this daylightless melange of dull beigey jaundiced gold.

There's a reason kings and emperors used richly coloured velvets for their thrones, robes and crowns: because they enhance gold. Gold on gold on gold is nothing but a sickly yellow fug.

sky said...

It definitely is fug inside that place. Tooooo much!
Still, I find it less tacky than Burj Al Arab.