Thursday, April 27, 2006


Last night, I watched the Madonna special on MBC4. It was a documentary about her Re-Invention tour. It starts with auditions for her dancers, then goes into rehearsals, and finally, the tour itself in the US and in Europe. There were interviews with Madonna, her band, her dancers, her children, her father, her husband, etc.

I was amazed by the amount of work it takes to set up such a show. Clothes, lighting, sound, choreography... It's all a very well-oiled machine, and Madonna settles for nothing less than the best of course. It is also a very exhausting schedule and very taxing both physically and mentally.

But what was even more amazing was Madonna performing on-stage. She is really something! Keep in mind that this woman is pushing 50 and she looks incredible! She can dance her butt off and invests so much energy into her performances... If I look half as good as Madonna looks at her age, then I'll consider myself lucky. And I would love to be able to watch one of her live shows one day.

Anyway, I was so riveted by the whole thing, I could not stop watching...until 1AM! Needless to say, waking up for work this morning was not a pleasant task.


nzm said...

If I looked half as good as Madonna at my age now, I'd consider myself to be privileged! lol

laila said...

ohhhh i so want to watch that!
i love madonna, her voice her music. i think she's a fighter, she knows what she wants and is so not cliche, i like that.

Saad said...

I've heard that she lip-synchs during her shows. Is she really investing all her energy if she's not really singing? It's not a problem if the fans lip-synch during the concerts, but if the performer does it then it's like a magician performing tricks that dazzle the eye but aren't really magic.