Monday, April 10, 2006

Tyra TV

Have you ever seen Tyra Bank's talk show on One TV on weekday mornings? I have happened to catch it on a couple of occasions (just because there's nothing else on TV at that time), and it's really bad!

First of all, what qualifies a supermodel to become a talk show host? Just because she was a judge on "America's next top model" does not qualify her to become a talk show host!

Secondly, every single episode I have seen so far (and I have seen about 4 or 5) talks about modelling. On one episode, she went on a hunt for the next big thing in modelling. On another episode, she interviews supermodel Twiggy. On yet another one, she had Heidi Klum and another bunch of supermodels sharing their beauty secrets. It's all about modelling! Does she not know about anything unrelated to modelling?

And finally, I just hate the way she walks when the show starts....she walks onto the stage as if she is on a catwalk strutting her stuff...Tyra, it's a talk show not a fashion show! Plus she always has to, at one point in every episode, show her audience how models pose for a photo shoot....So annooooooooooying....

I'm gonna stop watching...really :)


sky said...

She's "fierce", that's why she allows herself to strut her stuff.

Never seen the show, but I can imagine it's extremely annoying. Her and her lightbulb head.

nzm said...

Note to DS:

Turn off TV, stop watching crap, wash car, work on tan.


Dubai Sunshine said...

Haha...I did turn the TV off...I tried to work on my tan, but the weather was not cooperating this morning. Then I went to MoE, and it seems that everyone else in Dubai decided they wanted to spend the day at MoE as well!!!!

Beauty Expert said...

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