Friday, April 07, 2006

365 days

A year ago today, I was heading towards a new adventure. I was on my way from Montreal to Dubai, this time for good. Yes, it's been a year, and it feels like it was only yesterday.

Where have the days gone? The year has gone by in a blur.

I vaguely remember my last week in Montreal:

Boxes, boxes and more boxes. The invaluable help of my dear friend Chazoo, without whom I could never have gotten my appartment cleared out in time.

Farewell drinks at GoGo lounge (I miss that place) with people I had known for several years, and others I had known for just a few months.

A lunch with my dear colleagues whom I had grown extremely attached to. I miss chit-chatting and laughing with them.

A week spent at my best friend Ned's place (because I had sold everything, including my bed). Her family is my second family. I remember how she and my other good friend Jones dropped me off at the airport, and how it still hadn't hit me that I was leaving for good. I could not cry. I didn't realise that I was leaving after 10 years in Monty. But then, when I was all alone, waiting for my flight to board, I decided to open up the card Ned had given me. And then I couldn't stop. The tears kept flowing. I just wanted to go back in time. Go back to my old life. Go back to my lovely apartment on De la Montagne. Go back to hug my poor cat Shrimpie, who was now in the unfamiliar yet loving home of my dear friend H.

But I couldn't. It was too late. A chapter had ended. A whole book had ended. A new story was about to begin. New place. New friends. New job. New car. New furniture. New roads. New apartment.

New life.


nzm said...

Next post: a year on, now how do you feel about it all?

chazoo said...

You almost made me cry! But I'm sure you are happy to be close to your family. They're so important to you , it is obvious when you talk of them. You were very lonely for them when you were the only Habib left in Montréal... Plus, you've got your Beach which mean you can now yearn for the snow!!!

Well we miss you too over here (Randy too). I don't know about Ned though, I haven't spoken to her. When I get together with Jones or Cat, there is always a mention of you, thank god for your blog...

Keep going, Life is Life, enjoy it because you'll die of it!

So when are you coming for a visit?
Randy and I still have to figure out when we'll be going to visit you (but not in the summer - way too hot!)

laila said...

i love gogo!
i know how you feel, i'll be leaving montreal in a few weeks after 5 yrs of living there..and i'm so sad :(
this city sort of grows on you like a second home

Dubai Sunshine said...

NZM, that might just be my next post :) We'll see. Welcome back! Are you back? :)

Chazoo, I don't know when my next visit is...maybe this summer...we'll see...and yes, I am waiting for you and Randy's visit (but not in summer like you said...too hot)

Laila, the city does grow on you (especially in the summer...Monty is amazing in the summer!). Where will you be heading to? Is it Boston? (that's what I thought I understood from your blog). If so, then I always thought Boston was very similar to Montreal, and that if I ever had to move to the States, the only city I'd move to is Boston.

Mar said...

DS, it was so brave of you to pack up your memories and life and move to a new place. You seem like you're doing well I don't sense regret, am I right?

Lady C said...

I remember the farewell drinks at Gogo''s amazing how sow much can change in your life in only a year !!! I agree with Chazoo, I'm sure your happy being close to your family.... change is good, it makes you realise certain things and it gives you the opportunity to grow !!!

laila said...

yup to boston! which is great too,and it's so close to montreal and as you said very similar..i believe you when you say you're going through a culture shock in dubai!

Dubai Sunshine said...

I don't regret it no....

I am closer to my family, I love my job and am learning a lot so far, and I have met some interesting people. I am also no longer dealing with freezing cold temperatures, and making somewhat more money than I did in Montreal....but not nearly as much as I thought I would make, what with everything being ridiculously expensive here.

But I do miss the warmth of Montreal...I miss its charm, I miss its people, my friends, the familiar streets...

Laila, you said Montreal grows on you. Well, Montreal had grown on me too. But Dubai has not. Maybe it's too soon, but I do not feel "at home" in Dubai yet.

I guess I'll give it more time....