Thursday, April 06, 2006

What's this ad for?

Have any of you come across this ad lately? Actually it's a series of ads that form a teaser campaign. A few days ago, I saw one that said "We are gathered here today" and shows a wider shot of the same veiled woman.

This one says "Until death do us part". The woman is holding what looks like red flowers, and the whole setting is dark and gloomy, with a cloudy sky and a moon behind the woman.

A colleague thinks it might be an awareness campaign for something like dangerous driving or some other cause. I'm not sure. Do any of you have any idea?

Update: I got my answer this morning. It's a play called "Blood Wedding", written by famed Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca. I think having teaser ads for a play is pretty stupid. I thought it was something much more interesting (and much more important), and finding out it's a play is such a let-down.


sky said...

These ads really creep me out. I saw one yesterday for the first time. No idea what it could be for, and my little mind would have never stretched as far as an awareness campaign for dangerous driving.
Quite creepy if it is...

moryarti said...

the veil looks similar (but not identical) to a Taliban era - but it could be the colors only..

sky said... boring.
What's wrong with you advertising people...;P

While the veil does look slightly Taliban-ish, I believe it's one of those long lace veils Spanish women wear, held on to their hair with a nice big pin (except I don't think it's held with a pin in this case, or that it's made of lace...hmmm.)
Anyway, hope you know which ones I'm talking about.

Anonymous said...

Just a note: One Hundred Years of Solitude and Love in the Time of Cholera are written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Dubai Sunshine said...

Anonymous, you are so right! I'll blame it on the fact that it was still 8:30 in the morning and I hadn't had my daily dose of caffeine yet :)

chazoo said...

I don't necessarily think a teaser campain is stupid for a play. Afterall, it is done for movies no?

What I find bizzare is that normaly, the Theatre is too poor to do this sort of thing AND the population it caters too is particular in the sense that it usually poopoos this sort of mass marketing. Are you sure it's not a campain for a big production musical à la "Les Misérables" or "Notre-Dame de Paris"?

Anyhoo, I agree it is quite a gloomy campain. Hopefully, they'll sell enough tickets to be able to pay for the campain and then pay the actors! Hehe.

chazoo said...

Oh... The spanish veil is called a Mantilla.

Dubai Sunshine said...

Chazoo...this is simply a play that will take place on 2 consecutive nights at the American University of Dubai auditorium....So, no, it's not a big fancy shmancy production...And the tickets are not even all that expensive....The most expensive one goes for around $35 CAD...

The only way I think they'll be able to recuperate the costs is thanks to the dozen or so sponsors they have.