Saturday, April 08, 2006

Dirty car

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I was stopped by a cop and he told me that I had to wash my car. Well here's the full story:

Dubai Police are finally doing something about the traffic and driving woes, and there are a bunch of unmarked police cars roaming the city in search of offenders.

At the Internet City entrance off of Sheikh Zayed Road, there have been 2 police motorcycles all week, stopping random cars and giving fines to those who cut the line. They asked me to pull over one morning (I had not done anything wrong....I am a law-abiding citizen), and asked for my license and registration. I gave the 2 documents to the cop who checked them and then said ok fine you can go.

But then he runs his finger on my car and says "oh and wash your car because it's very dirty". I smile and say "yes but it rained two days ago and it dirtied my car". He looks at me and says very seriously "I am not joking, you can get a fine".

I got pissed off! (after I drove off of course)

For one, my car is usually clean. I get it washed every weekend (my wonderful father takes his car and mine to the carwash every Friday morning....I love my dad....). But I had not washed it last weekend because I stayed in Dubai (and my father is in Abu Dhabi), and I was too lazy to take it myself. Also, it did, in fact, rain a couple of days before the cop stopped me, and rain in the UAE does nothing but sprinkle a layer of dust on everything.

Also, I work from 9AM to 8PM on a slow day. And usually, by the time I leave work, I just want to go home, or hang out with my friends. So, tell me, when am I supposed to wash my car?

Oh, and this weekend, I did wash my car on Friday morning. And last night, it rained again, just a teeny weeny little bit.

Just enough to dirty my car all over again.


moryarti said...

what about your watchman? doesn't he do cars?

secretdubai said...

I can understand why it might be an offence to have dirty windows that obscure vision, but dirty bodywork?

First time I've ever heard that it's a fineable offence.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should wash your own car.

sky said...

Watchmen aren't allowed to wash cars are they? Don't they have this rule that you can no longer wash your car in the parking lot or wherever?

Hence, she cannot wash her own car, or have her watchman do it. But I do agree that SHE needs to get her butt down to the car wash, and not daddy.


Dubai Sunshine said...

Well, technically you're not allowed to wash your car outside on the street or no, my watchman cannot wash my car.

As for my dad washing my car....well, I can very much do it by myself thank you very much...and I don't ask my father to do it, he does it because he wants to :)

Mar said...

That officer is having a power trip. I'd be pissed off too if he said that to me. He must think that one of the reasons these dreadful car accidents occur is a dirty car. Imagine that :)

moryarti said...

our watchmen are running a carwash corporation in the basment parking.. I leave my house at 6:30 am everyday (while they are still washing cars downstairs)... There is always a different person washing my car.

/me thinks they are hiring people to do their carwash jobs :)

Brn said...

I have actually read (in Culture Shock: UAE that it is against the law to have a dirty car here in the UAE, though since I've been here I've never seen or heard anyone actually cited for it.

Saima gee said...

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RUSHI said...

If you are not aware of Dubai Traffic Fines , read the list referenced from Dubai Police.

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