Tuesday, April 18, 2006

What word to censor?

I wonder what goes through the censor guy's head sometimes. What is going through his mind as he watches movies that are about to air on TV, so he can decide what parts need to be chopped off, and what parts need to be bleeped out? I often wonder if his head is in the right place? Or whether he has a boss that actually double checks if the censor guy is doing his job right? Or even whether he has a manual he can refer to once in a while, to check if he's doing the right job?

I was just watching Someone like you on One TV (for the 5th time at least....no I am not obsessed by the movie, I don't even think it's all that good, but I did rent it once and always end up catching it again either on TV or on a plane or something) and there is one part where Ashley Judd's character (Jane) realizes that men are actually like animals and can't be monogamous or something like that...And suddenly, she screams out: "holy sh*t!".

But of course, given that this is One TV we're talking about, it's censored. No surprise there.

You'd think that it's the word "sh*t" that's edited out.

Think again. It's the word "Holy" that's chopped off. Go figure!

I understand that because of religious sensitivities, the word "Holy" should not be used in a derogatory manner. But censor man could at least have made the effort to edit out the word "sh*t" as well don't you think?


nzm said...

I watched that movie last night too! lol.

I couldn't believe what they censored out - all the romantic kissing scenes and yes, caught the "holy" being censored, but not the "shit"!

It's the first time that I've watched TV in months, and I realise that I'm not missing anything. I'd rather watch dvds.

It would be ok if the censors were consistent, and also edited out the overdone violence out of action movies, but they tend to leave those bits in.

Keep the romantic kisses in - what the world needs now, is love, sweet love!

chazoo said...

In a way, it reminds me about Qu├ębec. You know how our swear words are all related to God (tabarnanac, calis, sacrement, etc)? I guess it was a way to rebel against authority or something, when religious figures were in power. To cut out the "holy" instead of the "holy shit" altogether, reminds me of that...

Anonymous said...

This is so you!! :) I miss you ... when will you visit me in Bostonia?? yes you know who this is now. Nice to sneak a peak at what you are up to over there. Miss chatting with you... let's talk soon ok? -CK

Dubai Sunshine said...

CK....:) I miss you too.....I dunno when I'll be coming to Bostonia, but hopefully in June :)

Chazoo and NZM, it's just plain stupid if you ask me. I understand editing out bad words (because it's on TV) but editing out anything else is useless.