Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Me, myself and I

My sister tagged me (sort of), with a post entitled "Me, myself and I", so here goes (and let me tell you, it ain't easy!):

I am not: sure where home is
I love: shoes
I hate: stupidity
I fear: getting hurt (and driving in Dubai...but that's another story)
I hope: to be able to have my dad walk me down the aisle one day
I hear: the constant humming noise coming from my fridge
I crave: affection
I regret: being too serious
I cry: in public sometimes, alone most of the time
I care: way too much
I always: read before going to bed
I feel alone: when I see a happy couple
I listen: to music in my car
I hide: my true feelings
I drive: a dirty car (well, today it's really dirty, and I got stopped by a cop who checked my license and registration and scolded me for having a dirty car)
I dance: salsa sometimes
I write: lots and lots of e-mails in a day (and practically every day on my blog)
I act: very badly when I try to pretend I enjoy talking to someone I really can't stand
I miss: sitting around the kitchen table to have dinner with my family when I am away from them
I learn: something new every day
I feel: shy when I am around people I don't know
I know: I am going to turn this post into an official tag
I sleep: too late (and wake up tired)
I wonder: why my family's so messed up sometimes
I want: to be happy
I worry: about losing the ones I love
I have: to make an effort to meet new people
I fight: for ideas I believe in
I need: to buy bar stools
I am: beginning to get annoyed by this post (it's so hard!)
I think: I need to start going to yoga classes again

So, this has officially become a new tag, and I am tagging the following 3 people:
- Mar
- Keefieboy


Keefieboy said...

Oh sheet. I was enjoying reading these things and thinking it's a bit more interesting than the averae tag-poo. And then I got to the last line. Sunshine, if you're tagging someone,you should email them to let them know. So, I'll just pretend I never saw this.

Dubai Sunshine said...

Awww...come on Keefie :)
I don't have your e-mail address, so I couldn't e-mail you :)

I'll leave it up to you anyway :p

sky said...

There's always a party pooper

Mar said...

No the party is still on. I finished my officially first tagging request and tagged other people. I think it's fun.