Sunday, December 18, 2005

Tu pableo Espanol?

I was browing though 6Days today and came across an article about how people who are well-educated and who have high status jobs have a better likelihood of not going cuckoo later in life.
The article included many tips on how to make sure your brain does not rust as you grow older, by always challenging yourself and keeping your mind busy.

One of the suggestions is to learn another language, and the headline of that subsection in the article was "Tu pableo Espanol". Huh? What language is that exactly? If I am not mistaken (and I know that I am not) the proper way of asking someone if they speak Spanish in Spanish is "¿Habla espaƱol?". I don't even think "pableo" exists in Spanish.

The quality of journalism in this country is abysmal. I always find mistakes in newspapers and magazines. Not just small mistakes...flagrant ones! Haven't publications in the UAE realised that there's a thing called proofreading??? I am not a journalist, but I do have some basic knowledge about how newpapers and magazines work (I am, after all, the sister of the best journalist in the UAE...and I did work in the publishing industry for over a year), and I believe that any publication that wants to be respected should:

1) Have journalists proofread their own work
2) Have all articles proofread by the editor
3) Have a proofreader/fact checker go through the article

Makes sense no? And another piece of advice to all "journalists" out there. If you're not sure about an expression or a word, then don't use it! Find an alternative!


sky said...

so sweeeeeeeeeeet
I'm still blushing

But yes I do agree. We are all humans and therefore prone to error, but you'd think proofreading would be better implemented.

Although, there is a sub-editor somewhere who thinks he/she can change my work. I wrote something recently, where the person in the quote was saying "chocked", but the sub decided to change it to "shocked". I have no idea why, but with just one little letter, the whole quote's meaning was changed.

That's a super sub!


Dubai Sunshine said...

I agree that we are all prone to making mistakes...But I don't think we are all prone to making a dozen mistakes, every day, in various articles...Now that's just a publication in dire need of a proofreader!

secretdubai said...

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sheikha cheryl said...

I was wondering about the "Tu pableo Espanol" thing. I hadn't had my espresso so I decided not to try to figure it out. "Whatever" was the only response that came to mind.

Dubai Sunshine said...

Whatever indeed! :)