Monday, December 05, 2005

What women do....

Have you ever thought of the amount of time we women spend taking care of ourselves, making sure we look presentable every day? I mean think of it. There's the manicures and pedicures (takes up an hour and half every two weeks or so), the haircuts (an hour and a half every 3 months), the haircut with the highlights (3-4 hours every 6 months), the makeup (10 minutes on a regular day, 20 minutes to half an hour for a special occasion), the blow-drying of the hair (10-15 minutes every day in my case), the hair removal (can take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour depending on the preferred method of hair removal), the facials (an hour and a half every 3 months), the massages (an hour every 2 weeks), the spray-on tan or the self-tanner (an hour every week...does not apply to UAE residents who get the sun 360 days a year), the removal of the makeup and face cleansing (10-15 minutes every day), the moisturising of the skin (5-10 minutes every day)...

...and it goes on...

And what do men do to take care of themselves? Take a shower? Maaaaaaaaaaybe put some gel in their hair before they run their fingers through it? Oh, there's also the clipping of the toenails once in a while...And when the man turns 50, he just might decide to trim the hair in his nose and ears. That's pretty much it.

Think of all the useful things we could do in the time we waste making sure we look good! And what I want to know is, who decided that women have to make sure they do not have a single hair on their bodies other than on their head? Why couldn't it be the other way round?

It's so unfair.


sky said...

wow you actually live in a place where men shower and clip their toenails?? where on earth is this exotic place?

I must know, cause it sure ain't Abu Dhabi. I have a smell lingering in my room from this morning, when two very kind men with bad hygiene habits came in to check my AC.

No kidding

Chazoo said...

Bodily hair removal - what a pain!
Makeup, bof - not too bad.
Hair - I can't do it anyway, it always looks the same.
Pedicures and manicures - i cut my nails and file them once a week - does that count?

I guess that's why I look the way I do heh?

Dubai Sunshine said...

You look juuuuuuuuust fine Chazou! Don't you worry :)