Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I open up my blinds this morning and all I see is a blanket of fog covering the pool and play area in front of my building. You know it's winter in the UAE when it starts fogging up like that in the morning. This morning's temperature was 17 degrees, the lowest I've seen it so far.

I have had a couple of foggy landings in the past few years. I'd be flying back here for Christmas, the plane would first land in Dubai, then continue on to Abu Dhabi...Well, on a couple of occasions, the plane would land in Dubai and stay there. The visibility was too low for it to be able to take off and land again. So we'd have to ride in buses that took us to Abu Dhabi. I would rather have flown there despite the poor visibility. Because the ride to Abu Dhabi was just as dangerous, if not more, with a crazy speeding driver almost driving into a wall!

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures a colleague took from his building on Sheikh Zayed Road. They look pretty cool!



Keefieboy said...

Gorgeous photos!

sky said...

I am so jealous, keefieboy comments on your blog!

I love his blog..:)

Who took those pics? they seem to be circulating, and I had seen similar ones a couple of years ago.

Dubai Sunshine said...

I love keefieboy's blog too :)

I think it was Sam who took those pics. I know he took some pics this morning...I'll ask him tomorrow if these are his or someone else's.