Monday, December 12, 2005

Find the band

This is a cool picture. There are 72 bands in picture format. Try to name them all. Post your answers in the comments section if you wish. Here are the first two to help you out:

1) Guns n Roses
2) Smashing Pumpkins

Some are more obvious than others. I have not found them all yet....(you might need to zoom in to see some of them so if you want me to send you a JPEG, just e-mail me)

1 comment:

sky said...

1- Guns n Roses
2- Smashing Pumpkins
3- Matchbox 20
4- Gorillaz
5- Jet
6- Red Hot Chili Peppers
7- Green Day
8- Rob Zombie
9- Scissor Sisters
10- Blues Brothers
11- Blur
12- Alice in Chains

Need the pic! I am determined to find them all!