Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Did everybody leave?

The traffic has been abnormally pleasant in the past couple of days, it took me 10 minutes to get to work yesterday and today. On the other hand, Sunday was just horrendous, the usual 20 minutes stretched into 40 because of some road construction. What happened overnight? Some people at work are saying it's because so many people left on vacation...Did everyone leave on Sunday night? Was there a mass exodus of expats going back to their respective countries to spend the holidays?

Don't get me wrong! I could not be more thrilled! I just love getting to work early in the morning (not that early...anyone who knows me well knows that I am not a morning person)...anyway, I like getting to work around 15-20 minutes before everyone else. I prepare myself a nice cup of coffee (I have switched to instant coffee here, instead of my regular cappucino, for lack of a good coffee shop nearby), flip through the newspapers quickly, read my e-mails and send a few as well. I really enjoy that quiet time I get in the morning, because it's pretty much the only quiet time I get during the day (unless I stay past 7PM, which happens quite often).

When I first moved here, I had a hard time concentrating with all the noise: people calling each other across the office, music blasting, people talking on the phone, people watching ads on their screens, mobiles ringing...It's like a zoo sometimes! Now I kinda got used to it. It's such a vibrant atmosphere...Keeps you motivated, alert and excited.


sky said...

Ok let me get this straight.

You're not a morning person, but you're not a nocturnal person either. (reminder: SSSSSSSSSSHHHH)


is there a term for afternoon people?

Dubai Sunshine said...

Umm....well, I THINK I am more of a morning person than you are, so you have no right to say anything...miss I do not show up to work before 10AM! :p

sheikha cheryl said...

People have started to leave for the Winter Break from School. Traffic should be a bit better for two weeks, then back to the hell.

Omni said...

I'M an afternoon and early evening person, myself. :-)

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