Saturday, December 17, 2005

Topless Greens

I was browsing through today's paper and found this article:

Outrage in the Greens at topless bathing

Three women sparked outrage in a Dubai residential community yesterday when they stripped off their bikini tops to sunbathe.
The trio, who also took turns jumping in the water, eventually covered up and left when a man who was at the pool with his two children told them they were acting totally inappropriately.

A number of people living in The Greens complained that women were exposing them selves next to a swimming pool in the early afternoon.

Last night a spokesperson for Emaar, which runs the management of The Greens, told Emirates Today such behaviour would not be tolerated. It said complaints of topless sunbathing would be investigated and urged residents to report such incidents.
By the time Emaar was made aware of what was happening the women had left, but the company says that if it receives complaints it will speak to those involved.

“Handbooks are given to all residents with a code of conduct and it has a section on appropriate behaviour,” the spokesperson said. “Topless bathing is not appropriate. We would tell residents to behave in a way that is acceptable in the UAE.

“They have to respect the country and culture. If residents need to make a complaint of this nature they can be assured that we will try and speak to the people involved. There are signs at the swimming pools about suitable swimwear and not having a top on is not suitable.” One resident at the pool where the women were said: “They were treating it like the Costa Del Sol.

A lot of people were tutting when they took off their tops but they just giggled and started jumping in the pool.” After the father with two children told them they were acting inappropriate, they left.


I may sound a little unpolititcally correct here, but I just cannot stand expats who come here and do things that go against the values and traditions of this country. It is such a blatant lack of respect to Emiratis and other law-abiding citizens!

Think of it this way, if you were a guest at someone's house, would you act in a way that would offend that guest? If you're a normal human being, then my guess is, probably not. Why should it be any different with expats living in the UAE?

Come on! Topless sunbathing in a residential community? What were these women thinking? I bet you they would not even do something like that in their own country...It's like women who walk around wearing a string bikini on the beach...another big no-no in my opinion (unless you're in St Tropez or Brasil and have Elle McPherson's body)

We are blessed with having a very privileged life here in the UAE. We are relativelly well paid, the weather is amazing, we have nice places to go to, we can walk around pretty much anywhere safely, and the dress code is rather lenient compared to some of our neighbouring countries...So let's not take things to an extreme by pushing the boundaries of this country's morals and values. Let's appreciate what we have... and let's respect our hosts who graciously let us live in their country.

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