Friday, December 02, 2005

Adventures in Sharjah

I was invited to a wedding in Sharjah today. Not just anywhere in was all the way in the end of Sharjah! I went with a friend and by the time we left Dubai, it was 8PM....we ended up getting to Sharjah at around 9:30 (after getting sort of lost once). The traffic was quite bad too, which did not help.

We left at around 11:30, and the traffic on the way to Sharjah (so the opposite direction) was horrendous! Bumper to bumper! What are these people doing out on a Thursday night at 11:30...Granted, it's a weekend, but still... Is all of Sharjah out?

And if it's this bad on a weekend, how bad is it in the middle of the week, during rush hour? Some of my colleagues live in Sharjah and commute to what's considered the beginning of Dubai everyday. How on earth do they do it? I really think that if I had to be stuck in traffic for 4 hours every day, I would kill myself! What's the point of spending 4 hours in a car? I would rather spend more for renting an apartment in Dubai than spending 1/6th of my life in traffic!

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