Saturday, December 31, 2005

The weather

Usually the weather is not a hot topic of conversation in the UAE (no pun intended). We have 2 seasons: hot and scorching hot. But all we've been talking about for the past 2 days has been the weather. Why? Because our new year's eve plans are at the mercy of the weather.

See, we've planned a camping trip on Bahrani island, around 20 minutes away from Abu Dhabi by boat. We've called the met office yesterday and today, and the outlook is not so great. Whenever we ask them whether it is OK to take the boat out, they say "no, no good". It seems the winds are too strong and the waves are too high.

We went camping for New Year's last year as well. It was a fun experience (my first camping trip ever), we were around 35 people, and there was another group of around 40 people on the same island...We had a blast. And it's amazing to wake up the next morning, and have a view of the beautiful blue sea in front of you.

Today's camping trip however is still surrounded by uncertainety. Will we be able to go? What happens if we don't go? What's plan B? What do we do with all the meat and chicken we got for the barbecue? And the 4 disposable barbecues? And the hummus and baba ghanouj? And the chips and drinks?

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