Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas eve

As expected, this morning was a busy last-minute shopping kind of day. Woke up early, had a nice breakfast, then went shopping at Marina mall trying to find all my last-minute gifts. Fortunately I had already decided what to buy everyone, so it was just a matter of finding those items. I was home two hours later.

After lunch, we wrapped the gifts, placed them all under the tree, then I decided to go wash my car because it was filthy, especially after the Dubai-Abu Dhabi drive yesterday. For some reason, there are always birds who decide that my car is the one that deserves to be showered with exploding diarrhea (my brother's expression...can't take credit for it!), and there are always insects who believe that they will be able to fly through my windshield, and end up dying an unexpected and messy death (SPLAT!).

Now I need to rush to my manicure-pedicure appointment (what a dreadful life I lead...I know!).
And tonight we are having a yummy fajita dinner, courtesy of my sister (it's the only meal she knows how to cook!).

What about you bloggers/blog-readers out there? Any plans for Christmas Eve?

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