Thursday, December 22, 2005

Vacation's finally vacation time! I am so happy! A whole 10 days off! Yaaaaaaaaay!

I have a long day of shopping ahead on Saturday however...of course, I leave everything to the last minute! I still haven't decided on what I am buying for everyone. I am hoping that while I am browsing through the stores at the mall, something will call my name out and say "BUY ME!". We have decided to go all out on the gift-giving this year. Usually it's a non-gift giving Christmas in our family (except for money from my dad), but this year we are all buying each other gifts. It's the first year we are all employed and earning money (my sis and bro did not work last year...Now, they are finally in the money-making league).

My sister told me they got me my gift yesterday, but I have no idea what it is! I am so curious! She said it's the size of a DVD, and despite numerous guesses, I could not figure it out (she would not tell me anyway, I am sure). Well, I'm not telling her what I am getting her either! Ha!

I leave you with a cute Christmassy link:

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