Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Still free TV

It's been almost a year since I've moved to my apartment, and I have yet to receive a single TV or Internet bill. No kidding.

Now, the thing is, I am an Orbit subscriber and I now want to switch to Showtime (I couldn't do it before because they wanted me to pay Dhs 500 to switch before the end of my contract). And now I am worried that, when I do make the switch, they'll find out about my year-long free ride and that they'll charge me for the past 12 months.

I am not being dishonest. I did mention my bill-less problem to Sahm/DIC a couple of times, and I was told "not to worry". And I do get my phone bills, so I know that I exists somewhere on their system. Is there no one to track these things?

And if I do get 12 months' worth of payments due all at once, is there any sort of regulation protecting me? I mean, if I were running a company here, and my supplier did not send me any invoices in over a year, then I would simply not pay him...it's his loss! Is it the same situation here?

What should I do? Any advice?


Mar said...

If they do charge you for the whole 12 months at once, pick up and move back to Canada, to the North Pole :)... that was lame, I know.

moryarti said...

send a letter to 7days

Seabee said...

is there any sort of regulation protecting me?

IN DUBAI???!!!